The government wants to deliver plastic bottles and cans


ECOLOGY – "How we did with some glass bottles" In an interview with Parisian Tuesday, June 18, the Secretary of State of the Minister of Ecological and Solidarity Transition, Brune Poirson, announces that the government will launch a plan to establish an instruction system for plastic bottles and cans.

"Because France is late in selecting recyclable waste," the minister said, pointing out that "nationally, only 55% of plastic bottles and 45% of steel cans are recovered having a second life".

"The principle is that consumers who buy a bottle of water, a can or a product packed in plastic initially pay a deposit that they will recover by bringing the package," says Brune Poirson.

The minister will visit this Wednesday, June 19, "where instructions exist" in Kelh, Germany, "to observe the operation of deconstruction machines". Then he will go "to a hypermarket in Strasbourg to discuss the implementation of concrete instructions", according to a statement released Tuesday.

"What needs to be determined is where to bring his bottle? In the shop or in a terminal in the public space? Who would install these terminals? Who will take care of collecting all the obligations? The first conclusions are expected in September to feed the parliamentary debate on the anti-waste law, "he says again to Parisian Bruna Poirson, who launches "the steering committee" this Wednesday should answer these questions.

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