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Muriel Penicaud arrives at the Ministry of Labor for a meeting with the social partners on 7 December.
Muriel Penicaud arrives at the Ministry of Labor for a meeting with the social partners on 7 December. FRANCOIS GUILLOT / AFP

This is the government's latest proposal – inspired by Xavier Bertrand, president of the Hauts-de-France region – to defuse the rage of "yellow jackets" as the weekend approaches all dangers. Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, then his Minister of Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire, and his counterpart of the public accounts, Gérald Darmanin, pronounced themselves on Thursday 6 December in favor of an exceptional premium paid by the companies to their employees. An answer to the main question of the movement: the increase in purchasing power.

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Meeting on Friday around Mr. Le Maire, employers' organizations (Medef, Confederation of SMEs, Union of Local Enterprises – U2P, Federation of Trade and Distribution …) declared themselves willing to pay this premium to employees. Provided it is voluntary and totally tax free and exempt from social contributions, which implies a legislative amendment.

The minister pledged to include it in the law "As fast as possible", no doubt in the 2019 budget proposal that will go to the National Assembly on December 17th, as well "The largest number of companies can pay this premium to the largest possible number of employees".

"Concertation" at the last minute

"Let's not forget, we are first of all faced with a tax revolt shared by the bosses. The only solution is to lower the withdrawals"The president of Medef, Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, said, recalling that France is now the world champion of the tax burden (46.2% of GDP). "Companies do not want to be scapegoats, but the situation is serioushe grants. Medef is ready to commit to this award and a transportation payment for the 5 million employees who do not benefit from it. "

The idea of ​​gratification is not new. In 2011, Nicolas Sarkozy introduced a mandatory profit participation bonus, due to companies with at least 50 employees paying dividends to their shareholders. Minister of Economy, Emmanuel Macron had suppressed since 2015.

The Minister of Economy, Bruno Le Maire, undertakes to register "as soon as possible" in the law the bonus to employees.

During the preparation of the Pact Act, CPME defended the creation of a bonus limited to 1,000 euros a year and paid in one or more installments. "A few months ago, during discussions on profit sharing and participation, we have proposed an annual bonus based on margins and limited to € 1,000, but without a predetermined payment period ", adds Alain Griset, president of U2P, which converges 2.4 million small businesses. But, like the head of Medef, he warns that the sectors penalized by the movement of "yellow jackets" will have difficulty paying him.


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