The Government will Make the Transition from Premium to Pertalite Gradually

JAKARTA, – The government plans to reduce the amount of fuel oil (BBM) that is not environmentally friendly, in order to reduce the number of motor vehicle exhaust emissions.

This is also in line with Regulation of the Minister of Environment Number 20 of 2017.

The Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM), Arifin Tasrif, said that reducing the use of unfriendly fuels would be carried out in stages.

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The first step that the government will take is to encourage people to switch from octane value BBM (Research Octane Number / RON) 88 or Premium, ke BBM RON 90, Pertalite.

“One of the replace programs premium with Pertalite. This is to reduce the problem of pollution, “said Arifin, at the DPR RI Commission VII Hearing Meeting, Wednesday (2/9/2020).

Arifin said that there were no longer many countries using Premium-level RON in the world. In fact, there are only 5 countries that still use this low octane fuel.

“Indonesia is one of the big countries that are still using it,” he said.

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Furthermore, Arifin explained, his party together with PT Pertamina (Persero) as the state-owned fuel provider, will encourage the transition from Premium usage to Pertalite gradually in various regions.

Bali is one of the areas where the transition program has been implemented, by cutting the price of Pertalite to Rp 6,450 per liter, or equivalent to Premium.

“In the future, Java Madura Bali can also be implemented,” said Arifin.


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