The Grammy nominations in 2019 could be surprising: CNN


Both Cardi B and Post Malone have had a break in music, but neither is eligible to be nominated in the category of the best new Grammy artists.

The appointments will be announced on Friday, but it was reported months ago that the couple had been eliminated from the contest of the new artists – Cardi, because his nominations last year had disqualified him, and Post Malone, because the voters of the Recording Academy would have decided not to meet the requirements for new artists.

Jason Lipshutz, editorial director of Billboard, told CNN that he believes the 2019 Grammy nominations will hold surprises.

"There's a lack of consensus in a way that's really exciting for me," said Lipshutz. "I think that part of this is due to the fact that the four general categories of the four groups have expanded to reach eight candidates, but I also think that there are fewer" discards "compared to the past years".

A wider and unpredictable Grammy competition is probably good news for contenders and music lovers.

"One of the by-products of category expansion is that listeners could be introduced to songs and artists and albums that they could not verify previously," said Lipshutz. "We've seen it in the past with the Grammys, where you've got a sort of album of nothing from the nomination of the year."

There was a discussion about the lack of inclusion among Grammy candidates (and any winners) in recent years, but Lipshutz is cautiously optimistic, there is at least one genre that will not be overlooked.

"[Hip Hop] it has completely dominated popular music this year, "he said.

More candidates in the main categories could also lead to greater diversity among recognized artists and music genres.

While pop artists like Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande are probably contenders, Lipshutz said that country artists like Kacey Musgraves and R & B singer Janelle Monáe could also get important nominations.

"These are our great artists, but they're not some kind of ubiquitous superstar and could really have an impact," he added.

Not that the members of the Recording Academy vote according to rankings, but Drake and his album "Scorpion" reigned in 2018, according to Billboard.

The Grammy nominations will be announced live on Friday on "CBS This Morning" and on Apple Music at 8:30 ET, with the award ceremony scheduled for February 10th.



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