The grand jury has sat down in the wake of the new accusations of R. Kelly, sources said


This comes after the lawyer Michael Avenatti who announced last week that he had delivered a videotape to the state prosecutor's office which, according to him, shows Kelly engaging in sexual acts with a minor girl.

The Cook County State Prosecutor would not confirm the proceedings of the grand jury or the existence of new investigations. Previously the office had encouraged any presumed victim of R. Kelly to come forward.

Steve Greenberg, a lawyer for R. Kelly, told CNN that Monday was not informed of a grand jury.

"None of the forces of the order contacted me or my client for any potential investigation," Greenberg said. "They are certainly aware that I am representing him, so if there was any reason to talk to him I would suspect that they would contact me."

"The proceedings of the grand jury are, according to the law, supposed secrets, so to the extent that people comment on what may or may not happen today could violate the law, but I can tell you that I am not aware of any proceeding" He said Greenberg.

CNN has seen the VHS tape that seems to show Kelly having sex with a girl who refers to parts of her body at age 14. Avenatti, who represents a man who calls an informant against Kelly, says he handed the tape to the Cook County State Attorney in Chicago last weekend.

"My client knows the identity of the girl and R. Kelly, identified the two of them on videotape, worked for and met R. Kelly for decades and met the girl on several occasions," he said Avenatti.

Greenberg, Kelly's attorney, told CNN after the tape delivery was unaware of it.

"We are not aware of any new information involving Mr. Kelly," he told CNN. "We have not been contacted by anyone, we have not been informed of new information by anyone and we have not been contacted by the forces of the order".

Tandra R. Simonton, chief communications officer of the State Attorney's Office has not "confirmed or denied an investigation" when the tape was reported last week.

What's on the tape

The film recently unearthed, which lasts 42 minutes and 45 seconds, is clear and explicit.

There are two scenes in the video: one apparently in a living room and the other in a bedroom. A naked man who appears to be R. Kelly is seen performing in multiple sexual acts with the girl. She is heard calling him "dad" several times.

It is impossible to know his age only from the video. Both refer to its "p *** y" of 14 years. "Six times the girl refers to her genitals at the age of 14.

At one point, the man asks the girl to urinate. After he did, he urinates her.

What is in the video reflects some of the alleged acts for which Kelly was arrested for child pornography in 2002, when he was 35, and then acquitted six years later.

This case is focused on another video that involves a man having sex with a girl that prosecutors said he was just 13 years old, according to media reports.

Much has been done to the process of identifying the man on the tape and whether an identifying mole on Kelly was visible on that video.

In the new video reviewed by CNN, a small mole can be seen on the back of the man just to his left.

R. Kelly scanda: a timeline
Kelly has been associated with claims of sexual misconduct with minors and other crimes for more than two decades. He was reported by several women accusing him of having sex with them when they were minors. He denied the allegations and all the cases, except for the trial in which he was acquitted, have been settled out of court.

And while he is one of the most successful R & B acts in history, there has been a growing movement against him.

Colleagues from the music industry and former fans supported a #MuteRKelly campaign to stop his music.

In July 2017, Buzzfeed published an explosive article stating that Kelly held a group of adult women against their will as part of what some of their parents say was a "cult".

A group of people mentioned in the article stated that their daughters, aged between 18 and 31, were part of an entourage of at least six women assigned to Kelly.

Joycelyn Savage, one of the young women, denied these claims and asked her parents, through a video shared with TMZ, to stop talking about her relationship with Kelly.

In January 2019, the release of a docuserie entitled "Surviving R. Kelly" on Lifetime television helped to stimulate public campaign against him.

In that series the women said they were held in violent sexual relations.

After the series was broadcast, Cook County attorney Kim Foxx invited potential victims or witnesses to speak with the police.

At the same time, Kelly's attorney, Greenberg, told CNN that his client "did not do anything wrong … Someone with an agenda made a strong piece," said Greenberg of the docuseries. "(Kelly & # 39; s) in public, does not hide, there is no secret compound with sex slaves".

Lisa Respers France from CNN contributed to this story.



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