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The grand prize of cooking: Carina Zampini had to reassure a participant, after strong anger

This Wednesday, Carina Zampini lived a tense moment in the Kitchen grand prize when he had to calm Tute down, after the participant had an unfriendly reaction in the middle of the show. It all started when the amateur chef had to race against time to present his preparations, which was strongly questioned by the entire jury.

From that moment, Zampini confirmed the decision of the production: “I regret it in my soul, but only two dishes arrived, and the third one that you finished throwing, almost, we had already reached the 20 minute mark. So later we will resolve what we do with the Tute tasting. ” Meanwhile, the participant was embarrassed by the penalty.

“Chris and Feli (Pizarro) are going to try and score both dishes. And Mauri (Asta), if you want you can try it, but it is a dish that does not enter the score because it is the one that did not arrive. Did the issue of adding pesto complicate you? ”, he asked Tute.

And where’s the pesto? The truth is, the prawns are overcooked and some raw, poorly cooked. The anti-restaurant salad, the pesto doesn’t show off and I don’t like these whole bell peppers like that, “were the words of Christian Petersen.

“I made the pesto with mortar and I wasn’t going to have time to emulsify it well. I did it like this, on the pavement ”, Tute recognized, with the face of few friends.

“What makes you angry, Tute?, Apart from obviously the impotence of not arriving. Because he has a very high level of demand on himself, ”Carina wanted to know, trying to reassure him. “Nothing, don’t get there”replied the angry participant.

For his part, the return of Felicitas Pizarro was also critical for Tute: “It is very good that he has it because this is very far from what we asked for. They are not details, it seems to me that it is the whole concept. The strips of bell peppers, I don’t know if they go with the salad, I think the base started crooked ”.

As for Mauricio, his opinion was not very different from that of the other juries: “The dressing of a salad is important and I can’t find it here. The complexity of a salad that is to play the sophisticated, is lettuce, which you did not even cut with your hands, they are lying there and there are not many more ingredients. I think your anxiety and your self-demand played against you. “

The kitchen grand prize is the first culinary reality show in real time in our country, where creativity, skill and precision are the true protagonists. As the weeks progress, the participants are eliminated and the winner receives a large sum of money as a prize. The cycle has been on the air for several seasons, after its landing on the screen on September 10, 2018.


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