the graves of Salah Abdeslam’s brother and two other jihadists made identifiable for a few days

The Paris bombings trial is in the news of all the media. Brahim Abdelsam, Bilal Hadfi and Chakib Akrouh, three of the Belgian terrorists of November 13, 2015, died in these attacks. They have since been buried in the multi-denominational cemetery located in Evere, where their grave has been anonymized to avoid any problems.

However, according to RTBF, the anonymity of the vaults was broken for a few days. Following an error, Salah Abdeslam’s brother and the two other Belgian jihadists could be identified on a file locating the graves of more than 5,000 deceased people. Anyone with this information could therefore pinpoint the exact location of the graves.

“This is a regrettable initiative from the staff. I wish the anonymity of these graves. I will ensure that it is deleted, in any case the names of the people concerned, ”declared Hicham Chakir, president of the inter-municipal burial authority in charge of the Brussels cemetery.


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