The great techies can avoid the crisis: co-founder of Twitter

Reduced market values, greater regulatory control, data privacy scandals and massive employee protests due to poor corporate management are just some of the jokes of stopping US technology industry. quest & # 39; year

However, Twitter co-founder Evan Williams is sure Silicon Valley can avoid an existential crisis.

In an interview with Bloomberg Television on Thursday, the business executive, now executive director of the Medium blog publishing service, said he did not believe the technology industry is facing a collapse in the public trust, but shows concern and attention "appropriate" for his role. in the society.

"Technology has gone from being a vertical industry to something that influences everyone's lives in a powerful way and we are in the beginning," Williams said during the Web Summit conference in Lisbon. "We fight as a society to know what it means".

"I do not believe there is an existential crisis that these companies will exist in the future," he said.

Some of the most valuable technology stocks on Wall Street, like those of Facebook and Alphabet, the parent company of Google, have plummeted in recent years concerns over the way problems like business disputes, foreign interference in elections and the responsibility of the leadership, influence the growth prospects.

Williams praised the role of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey as a driver of the social network business in times of unpredictability and global scrutiny.

"I'm impressed with what he did," he said. "I think the company is in a much better position than a few years ago when it took over and there is a lot of external evidence that is true."


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