The groups will defend children’s walks despite the Government’s rectification

Madrid, Apr 21 (EFE) .- Most of the parliamentary groups will defend this Wednesday in the plenary session of Congress, convened to authorize for the third time the expansion of the state of alarm, that children can go out for walks despite the rectification of the Government in this regard.

Before the Executive announced that it was modifying its initial idea that minors under 14 years of age could leave confinement with one of their parents to go to the supermarket or the bank office, the groups have presented the proposed resolutions that will be debated on Wednesday and that could be added to the conditions of the new alarm state.

The deadline for this has ended prior to the Executive’s rectification, but in the text that it has sent to Congress to request authorization for the third extension, the first measure is stated: minors may leave if it is to carry out, together with an adult, the activities allowed in the states decreed to date.

For this reason, Cs has registered a proposal with which it asks the Government to change this criterion and “allow controlled exits so that children under 14 years of age” can take a walk near their home.

The option that such walks are made in the vicinity of the home and that during these sanitary measures are preserved abound in most of the proposals.

Cs has advanced that it will support the new extension until May 10, but has not eluded criticism of the management of the coronavirus crisis.

The training led by Inés Arrimadas also requests the creation of an “Observatory of Fundamental Rights” that is in charge of evaluating the operation and execution of the states of alarm.

ERC will abstain, as it has announced, but has presented two proposals for resolutions in which, in addition to defending the power of the autonomous communities to follow the indications of their own technical committees, it advocates allowing outings for minors up to 18 years of age for one hour a day.

JxCat, which will vote “no” to the extension of the alarm and thus break the abstentions for which it had opted so far, has proposed that the autonomies be responsible for regulating the departures of those under 14 years of age, which could even be in the company of boys and girls from 14 to 18 years old.

The Catalan training also defends that adults can go out to exercise or also take walks, always in a measured and responsible way.

EH Bildu, also in favor of abstention, at least in the previous extensions, deepens the need for children to go out into the streets after more than a month in confinement, and thus, is in favor of such walks being made near homes, never in “crowded establishments with a higher risk of contagion.”

Y Más País, the training led by Íñigo Errejón, integrated into the Plural group, proposes daily walks for children in safe conditions and “for a maximum period of one hour a day” and “within a radius of 500 meters from the home of home”.

The PP has not registered any proposal, but it has made it clear to the Government that if it wants its support for the extension, it will have to introduce some changes. EFE

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