The Hamas massacre at the music festival in Israel, from the inside

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While hundreds of young people enjoyed music during a festival held near the the Gaza Strip, about 50 Hamas terrorists broke in, shooting from the air and in vehicles. New videos now show the carnage from within.

When panic broke out, all those attending the event ran away in terror at the worst of the horrors. At least 260 bodies They have already been recovered from the area near the party venue, while many other young people have been kidnapped by Hamas militiamen. Only a few were able to hide among the trees and survive the massacre.

The volunteers who work for recover bodies They remembered this Monday, in a state of shock, the macabre landscape that remained after the attack. “They massacred people in cold blood, in an absolutely inconceivable way,” Moti Bukjin, spokesperson for Zaka, an organization specialized in first aid and recovering and identifying bodies according to Jewish laws, told AFP.

“They even killed people who were in their cars,” he explains. The young people were gathered near the kibbutz of Reim, a region near the border with the Gaza Strip.

Thousands of young people, Israelis and foreigners, were dancing until dawn on Saturday in southern Israel, near the Gaza Strip, when the commandos of the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas surprised them and shot dead 250 people.

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