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The harsh call of attention from epidemiologists and doctors to the Mayor of Bucaramanga

After leaving the extraordinary security council, where they asked to postpone the mobilization for the defense of the Santurbán páramo due to health and safety issues, the mayor of Bucaramanga, Juan Carlos Cárdenas, it has been the target of criticism from some sectors.

In the first measure, he was questioned for not reaching an agreement with the other leaders of the area and the Governor of Santander on the issue of the march in the midst of a pandemic.

Even was reported to the Attorney General for calling and authorizing the march as he would have exceeded his powers by disregarding the presidential decree with force of the Selective Isolation Law.

In addition, and despite the fact that the caravan was a success in terms of number of attendees and their behavior, that same day excesses occurred in the Center of Bucaramanga, as the authorities had warned in said security council from which it rose.

In a new chapter of criticism, Cárdenas is rebuked by the decision that surprised the city on Tuesday morning.

Despite raising an even and odd peak and schedule and ensuring that the decision to be made today should be metropolitan, the president came out minutes after the joint statement of the Governor and the other mayors of the area to announce his change of opinion.

“Attention: the peak and ID are raised and the curfew will go from 11:00 pm to 5:00 am in Bucaramanga. This is how we have defined it after a meeting with economic unions and citizens ”, the president wrote on his social networks.

This decision for more than 25 experts in medicine, epidemiology and public health is described as incoherent.

Therefore, the representatives of the Santander Medical-Scientific Societies and the epidemiologists and health professionals participating in the COVID-19 situation rooms of Santander sent a letter in which they expressed their concern and objection to the actions for the management of the epidemic of COVID-19 that were defined today in Bucaramanga.

“The decision of the mayor of Bucaramanga to lift in its entirety the measure of the peak and the cedula must be reconsidered, in favor of the health and well-being of the people of Bucaramanga,” wrote health professionals in a letter sent to the four mayors of the area and the Governor of Santander.

In the letter, the experts assure that the lifting of mobility restrictions must be gradual and with permanent evaluation.

“This decision is not consistent with a gradual management of the interventions and with the current situation of the municipality, and makes it difficult to coordinate and necessary management of the AMB as an epidemiologically integrated unit. The AMB is a space for common interaction and the divergent measures between municipalities prevent citizens from complying with the measures, ”says the communication.

The municipalities of the area, and especially Bucaramanga, along with Barrancabermeja and San Gil are still at a high level of COVID-19 affectation. For this reason, experts explain, the comprehensiveness and gradual nature of the interventions and their coherence with the time of the epidemic in Santander, make a difference in the control of the epidemic in the short and medium term.

In addition to criticizing the lifting of the bill and ID in Bucaramanga, the health professionals also sent four other recommendations with which, according to them, the life and integrity of the people of Santander can be protected.

(Read the full letter here)



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