The Harvard professor has defined the perfect portion of French fries – Copper tops


5 December 2018 14:58

Few people think that fries are healthy food. However, the statement of the American professor on the dangers of this dish has caused a real storm among the fans of this dish.

In an article published in New York Times last week, Eric Rimm, professor at Harvard School of Public Health, T.H. Chan (Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health) said that Americans need to reduce their consumption of potato chips.

Rimm also claims that it is often difficult for people to control the volume of the portions themselves, they often eat more than necessary. He offered his solution to the problem:

"I think it would be nice if the meal consisted of a small portion of salad and six sticks of fries".

Fans fans immediately turned against Rimma in social networks, asking for explanations from him. Many users were outraged by the supply of only six fried potato drumsticks. Some have asked "to stop destroying their lives", and some have asked that Rimma take the degree.

"Nobody in the history of mankind has stopped at six sticks of fries", writes a user chirping.

An employee of a restaurant expressed concern that visitors could resort to violence if they limited themselves to six chopsticks.

In response, Rimm was forced to apologize and get comfortable. "My suggestion was that restaurants may have to offer smaller portions to satisfy those who love the taste of fries but do not want to eat" starch bombs ", commented on his proposal chirping.

Potatoes, especially fried in butter, are associated with obesity, diabetes and diseases of the cardiovascular system. A study published last year a American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, showed that those who eat French fries two or three times a week have an increased risk of mortality, compared to those who ate potatoes cooked in other ways.

It's no secret that Americans love processed potato products. According to the US Department of Agriculture, an American consumes about 53 kilograms of white potatoes annually, two-thirds fried, frozen or processed in various ways.

Nell & # 39; Article New York Times It has also been claimed that the US Department of Agriculture recommends not consuming more than 85 grams of potato chips a day. In the same article, the American nutritionist Lindsay Moyer (Lindsay Moyer) also invited people to eat as little chips as possible or order something else, and not to dip fries in ketchup or mayonnaise.


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