Nedorost died in his block of flats in the České Budějovice housing estate. “An autopsy confirmed that he died of health problems,” Aha said yesterday! spokesman for the South Bohemian police Milan Bajcura. What exactly bothered Nedorost, but the criminal investigators do not want to comment on the basis of the autopsy report.

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He was not treated
The apartment on the 6th floor of the apartment building had to be forcibly opened by firefighters with the assistance of the police the previous Friday. Although the coroner found no trace of violence on the body, an autopsy was ordered. She was to find out the exact cause of death. “One of the neighbors called the police and they opened the apartment by force. Maybe because of the abrasion, if there was longer. But the party didn’t hang here, “one of the house’s residents told us last week. “I’m from Budějovice and my friend considered him a neighbor. And I can say that I would not want to live next to him … A schizophrenic and he did not want to be treated, “another person described. In recent years, Nedorost has become a weirdo who has been constantly arguing with the people around him, including the neighbors. When he appeared on the set of the series Čechovi, which was his last act in front of the camera, last year, he acted as a homeless man, according to director Tomáš Magnusek (36) and his team.

He was paralyzed
In times of greatest glory, the young man was surprised by severe meningoencephalitis, after which he became paralyzed and rehabilitated for a long time in Kladruby. Subsequently, he also suffered from psychological consequences that made his theatrical and film activity difficult.

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