The heat gives a truce, before tightening at the end of the week with up to 40º

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Lower temperatures in most of Spain, even fresh for the time in which northern half, will dominate the first days of this last full week of July. After give way to intense heatwith more than 40 degrees again in the Guadalquivir and Guadiana valleys.

In the final stretch of this week, “the heat will tighten again”, has advanced Rubén Del Campo, spokesman for the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet). This spokesperson has highlighted that the Rainfall will be “very little”except for some light rains in the Bay of Biscay and storms in the north and east of the peninsula, locally strong and accompanied by hail and wind.

This Monday the west winds will drag a cooler air mass from the Atlanticwhich will favor a thermal decrease in almost the entire country, especially in Navarre, Basque Country, La Rioja and Aragon. There will be records of up to 10 degrees less than on Sunday, as expected in Pamplona, ​​which today will barely register 25 degrees, after a Sunday with 36 degrees.

Del Campo explained that the exception to this time will be in the Mediterraneanwhere the west and northwest winds arrive “dry and overheated” causing an ascent, which could leave values ​​between 41-40 degrees on the Valencian coast.

In the afternoon, dry storms will form in the Catalan Pyrenees and in other areas of the eastern half with little or no rain, but accompanied by gusts of very intense wind.

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