the heat promoted a dangerous rebellion of Rosario to the restrictions

While, social networks multiply videos and images of situations of crowding of customers without masks in gastronomic corridors, particularly in breweries. In the private neighborhoods, nobody controls and there are parties of football, lunches and dinners in the patios in large groups and the most daring even throw themselves into the pool. In some popular neighborhoods, the movement in the street is almost normal and there are also picados in the fields. In the center, there are demonstrations and marches almost every day, sometimes without maintaining the necessary care.

“In some clubs, people gather to eat in secret, without being noticed much. There are also soccer fields that they rent you barbecue and grill ”, tells a secret barbecue habit. “Every weekend, some of them go to Charigué Island for the night. Others play 5-a-side football matches without respecting the foosball modality ”, Martín (32) lists what happens in his group of friends. A young woman from a gated community in Funes said that a group of local mothers plans to hire kindergarten teachers to improvise a vacation colony with their children over the next few months.

Ariel, a 27-year-old boy who lives in the macrocenter, reveals that he has a friend who visits his relatives in Córdoba with a falsified work permit in order to circulate. “Sometimes we also get together with the boys in a minimarket to have a beer with the blinds closed,” he says. “I went through a gym and all the people had the chinstrap on their neck,” says Florencia. “I went to the South Park and there were two soccer games 11. I didn’t do anything. But it made me really want to play ”, says Francisco, 36.

The vast majority of defaulters are young, outside the population at risk, but they are not the only ones. Some will do it out of fatigue, others out of rebellion and even out of imitation. But the truth is that it is already normal for people to do a lot of things that cannot be done. Just to cite a few issues, the practice of collective sports or permanence in public spaces (only circulation) as well as nautical activities and, obviously, social gatherings, was not yet allowed. Today, any person from Rosario is in a position to say that he knows someone who violates the rules.

Mixed messages go crazy

Social attitudes are increasingly neglected, in the context of a difficult health panorama. For the psychoanalyst Marité Colovini this is due, in general, to a double game: the attraction of the forbidden and the denial as a defense mechanism. “There have never been so many people in the park as now. They even went out to those who never did, ”he says. And he adds: “Denial implies a non-recognition of reality. I delete the data that hurts me, because it implies that I am at risk of getting sick and dying, and this is very difficult to process ”.

Third, it highlights that some television media “have campaigned for anti-quarantine and paved the way for people not to comply. We cannot ignore the effect they produce on subjectivity. They affect the thinking, actions and behaviors of people ”, says the director of the Master in Psychopathology and Mental Health of the UNR.

But the most important question is, for Colovini, “the contradictory messages” of the one issuing the ban. “You cannot tell people that they cannot go to Rambla Catalunya, when in Posta 36 there is a party for 190 people. The double opposing order generates madness ”, considers the researcher. “You can’t look good with God and with the devil, you have to be clear why people stop accepting prohibitions,” he snaps.

Meanwhile, he regretted that “the provincial and municipal authorities say that they cannot control it, because it means that they do not have the possibility of governing.” And in that sense, he pointed against the message that you have to “live with the virus”, because it sounds similar to “living with drug trafficking and mafias.” “When the criminal plot that implies insecurity and homicides in Rosario is not stopped, they are telling us in a non-explicit way that we have to live with that,” he compared.


According to the teacher, the irreverent attitude of young people —those who violate the norms the most— “is necessary for a certain age, to break away from family ties, as a way of exploring limits. The oldest of us are here to mark it and the State would in this case be the greatest that proposes that the limit exists. And that is not authoritarianism, it is explaining to take care of it, and all care requires a restriction ”, he analyzed.

“The current social symptom is madness. But not that of psychiatrists, if not as long as there are no symbolic limits that put beacons in reality so that one can live in it “, he defined. In this context, he pointed out that “when something is out of control or overflowing, it means that there is no edge and there is no mother. And democracy poses precisely a field where the limits are raised to be able to coexist socially ”.

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