The heavy sentence of an anti-Linky to barricade his counter

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In Foix, the civil court sentenced a man to pay a fine of several thousand euros to Enedis for barring several meters of Linky.

Anti-Linky continue their showdown against Enedis. Sometimes, having to admit failure. Last Friday, an opponent of the new smart meter was sentenced by the civil court of Foix, Ariège, for his actions against Enedis, reports the Dépêche du midi. The court asked Gérard Yon to pay 2,300 euros to the French electricity grid operator for the material damage he caused to the company.

In April 2017 Gérard Yon, retired and co-founder of the anti-Linky collective "Touche pas à mon compteur 09", has barricaded several electricity meters in four houses in the city of Lavelanet, to prevent the installation of new Linky Counters. An initiative he had conducted with the owners of the premises.

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After his sentence, the man was ready to react, expressing his anger against justice and Enedis. "We will not stop here, it's a denial of justice," he said in statements reported by the regional newspaper. "This is an absolute scandal, unheard of, I am outraged by the lies in this case, I was treated like a criminal while I was filling up what the state and Enedis are not doing," he said. also indignant.

Towards an appeal in cassation?

Today, Gérard Yon and his lawyer are evaluating an appeal. "This is a sensitive and political matter, and this decision is worth what it is worth: it was taken by a small local court," says Adeline Parant at the Dépêche du Midi. "No appeal is possible, but we are studying a potential appeal in cassation," he confirms.

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The opponents of the new Enedis smart meter, whose installation continues in France, have already suffered numerous beats of arrest in their war against the manager. In early October 2018, the Administrative Court of Nantes had dismissed the appeal lodged by two Breton municipalities that had decided to partially prohibit the deployment of Linky meters on their territory.

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