The helicopter takes out the crazy move to save the stranded skier


A first aid helicopter pilot showed his incredible abilities while saving a skier in the French Alps.

The man was left writhing in pain after he had dislocated his knee while he was skiing in the Anterne Pass with some friends. Stranded at 6,500 feet, things could have become drastic if an experienced helicopter had not found a way to save it.

The incredible video that is now becoming viral shows the helicopter finding the man on the hill and slowly lowering, cramming his nose into the snow while the rest of the vehicle stays in the air. This was made even more impressive as the strong winds rubbed the blades, trying to bring down the helicopter from its delicate balance.

Even though the movie has become viral, the pilot insists that this has been a routine. He told Epoch Times: "This maneuver is taught to all pilots who pass the mountain qualification".

Watch the daring rescue above.


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