The hero shopkeeper stabbed twice as he fights against BUCKFAST's burglar in Paisley


Shocking moment The shopkeeper of the hero is stabbed twice in the neck with a six-inch blade while fighting against the burglar who has tried to raid his fortified wine shop BuckfastZabbiullah Amiri, 32, captured William Lauchlan, 37 years old , stealing alcohol from his shop. he went running but Lauchlan buried his knife in the neck. You hurt, the shopkeeper held him until the police arrived at PaisleyLauchlan's shop last week imprisoned at Paisley Sheriff Court for 25 months for the July attack.

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5:53 am EST, 6 December 2018

6:46 am EST, 6 December 2018

This is the shocking moment that a shopkeeper hero was stabbed in the neck twice while fighting a thief who tried to raid his shop for Buckfast. Zabbiullah Amiri fought with William Lauchlan at the counter of his Stop & # 39; N & # 39; Shop in Paisley, Renfrewshire, as the thug tried to make it with two bottles of fortified wine. Lauchlan, 37, plunged a six-inch knife into the shopper's neck – known as Zabbi – twice during the burglary.

Zabbiullah Amiri is stabbed twice in the neck while struggling with William Lauchlan in his Stop & # 39; N & # 39; Paisley shop

The 32-year-old shopkeeper climbs onto the counter after catching the thug trying to steal two bottles of Buckfast's invigorating wine. But despite his injuries, Zabbi, 32, was able to fight the blade from his attacker and hold him for 10 minutes until the police arrived. In CCTV cameras, Lauchlan's girlfriend can also be seen slapping Zabbi with a shopping bag as she tries to help escape. Lauchlan was incarcerated for 25 months for the attack on July 19 at Paisley Sheriff Court. He was granted another three months for a previous crime and the judge ordered 12 months of supervision at the time of his release because he is "a danger to the public".

Zabbiullah Amiri – known as Zabbi – is originally from Afghanistan but moved to the United Kingdom at the age of 15 and opened stores in Scotland in 2014

Lauchlan's girlfriend hits Zabbi with a shopping bag as she tries to help escape

Mr. Amiri detained the thief and held him until the police arrived – despite the blood dripping from his neck woundsZabbi, originally from Afghanistan but moving to the UK at 15, had to take a month of holidays because of his wounds. He told the Daily Record: "Without paying the money they were trying to escape but I managed to keep the male and skip the desk." As he jumped on the counter he stabbed me twice in the neck with a six-inch knife. "I managed to take the knife from his hand and I took control of him and I took all the objects they were trying to steal."

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