The highest resolution photo of the Moon in history

The new system telescopes of the Green Bank Observatory, in West Virginia (United States), managed to capture the Photography higher resolution Luna taken from Earth.

The image was recorded using radar technology and thanks to a work of several years, according to the people in charge of the project.

The photograph is 1.4 billion pixels and shows a 200 x 175 km area of ​​the southern plains of the natural satellite of the Land.

In the image you can see the Tycho crater, considered one of the most luminous on the Moon. It is also one of the most studied by the different probes that have been sent into space. It has a diameter of 85 km and a depth of 4,400 meters at its lowest point.

NRAO / GBO / Raytheon / NSF / AUI

For its part, the Green Bank is the largest steerable radio telescope in the world, with a collection area of ​​100 meters in diameter.

“This is the largest synthetic aperture radar image we’ve ever produced,” explains Tony Beasley, director of the US National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO).

“Although more work needs to be done to improve the quality of the images, we are delighted to be able to show this to the public. In the future we will be able to show many more ”.

According to scientists, the possibility of taking high-resolution photographs from Earth would allow investigating which places on the Moon would be optimal for a future space mission to land.

With this technique, more distant moons and planets could also be investigated with a level of detail never seen before.

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