The historic turn of the PNV in 72 hours: from entertaining Felipe VI to abandoning Leonor

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The PNV will not attend the swearing-in ceremony of the Constitution of the Princess Eleanor next Tuesday, October 31, despite the fact that he did so represented by the president José Antonio Ardanza, by deputies and senators on January 30, 1986 when Felipe VI did so. The attack by the Basque nationalists on the heir to the Crown was made public yesterday, just 72 hours after the president Urcullu will accompany the King in the Family Business Congressan event also attended by the president of the PNV Andoni Ortuzar.

The PNV communicated its decision not to attend the oath of the Constitution through two brief messages on social networks. The leadership of the nationalist party agreed yesterday on its decision – the Euzkadi Head Assembly (EBB) usually meets on Mondays – and argued that next Tuesday’s event aims at the “continuity of a model that denies Basque national recognition.”

Furthermore, the nationalists now claim to “not feel comfortable” in the event that will take place next Tuesday, interpreting it as a “civil-military exhibition” similar to the celebration of the National Holiday Day on October 12.

Princess Leonor will star in an event identical to the one organized 37 years ago for the current King of Spain. So he president José Antonio Ardana presided over an executive with councilors from the PNV who, from nationalist pragmatism, built a powerful Basque administration protected by the powers recognized in the Statute and with the economic engine of fiscal sovereignty of the Economic Agreement. At the head of the PNV parliamentary group in the Cortes Generales was Marcos Vizcayaprofessor of Law at the University of Deusto, one of the drafters of the Statute of Gernika and Vice-Legends in the first Basque Government chaired by Carlos Garaikoetxea.

Next Tuesday not even president Iñigo Urkullu is not the spokesman Admit Esteban They will go to Congress in a decision that places the PNV alongside the Catalan independence parties and EH Bildu but which, according to nationalist sources, will not modify the institutional respect for Felipe VI in his events in the Basque Country. In addition, the PNV will also maintain its custom of participating in the Monarch’s consultation rounds with the parliamentary groups in the processes of appointing the President of the Government, as has happened with the attempt by Alberto Nuñez Feijóo and the investiture process now led by Pedro Sánchez. .

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