The historical difference between the price of diesel and gasoline has widened. Diesel is already under 30 crowns




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In the second half of April, motorists could observe a favorable trend in fuel prices at domestic gas stations. While gasoline prices are currently only a return to prices from the first half of the month, diesel engine owners are refueling at prices they don’t remember for a year and a half. That is, from October 2021, when the average price of diesel is already close to CZK 33. It decreased by another crown in just 10 days, while gasoline (Natural 95) became cheaper by barely half as much. The price gap between diesel and gasoline has thus already opened to almost 4.40 crowns. A drastic retroactive increase in excise duty on diesel fuel may contribute to their tightening again in the summer.

Graphical development of average gasoline and diesel prices this year

The ONO (Tank-ONO) chain spoke to the statistics with its 44 branches, which on Friday afternoon reduced the price of diesel by one crown below the threshold of 30 crowns, or to 29.90 crowns. In the past, the last time you could fill up with diesel for the given price was October 1, 2021, at the stands of this traditionally cheapest chain of pumps in our country.

The difference is almost 10 crowns

In addition, the drop in diesel prices on the wholesale market has not yet stopped. The competition, i.e. the most “sleepy” in this regard, will also have to reduce prices, or traditionally the most expensive. In other words, gas stations on the main routes, i.e. on the most expensive D1. During the Saturday drive, you could fill up with diesel here for 39.50 crowns, which is 9.60 crowns more expensive in comparison. So most likely a record difference, when a difference of “only” 6-7 crowns can be traced over the long term as usual.

For gasoline prices, the differences are less pronounced. Even the aforementioned ONO chain, where drivers still pay 35.90 crowns for Natural 95, has not yet agreed to a discount. That is, for example, with pumps from the Makro chain. On D1, the prices are slightly below the threshold of 40 crowns. The average price of gasoline on Friday was 37.45 crowns.

The positive outlook remains

Despite the expected reduction in oil production from parties of the OPEC cartel, oil prices have not yet returned to last year’s higher prices. As a result of the mentioned decision, there was a significant boost, but actually only to this year’s highs. In addition, the second half of April brought a reverse southerly direction. Brent found itself below the 78 USD threshold during the week, ending slightly above 80 USD on Friday. Similarly, the Russian oil “Ural”, which after shooting close to the USD 70 mark, returned to the USD 60 mark at the end of the week.

In addition to the situation in the refining segment itself, where an excess of diesel fuel in particular can be traced, the koruna is a significant positive factor. It is holding close to the dollar for more than a year’s highs. In the last week, the dollar traded in a range of about 21.20-21.50 crowns.

In short, the outlook for fuel prices for the next two weeks sounds favorable for the pockets of motorists. This is also indicated by prices on the wholesale market, which are still in a downward trend. However, with less intensity. In any case, next week we will see a drop in the average price of diesel below the threshold of 33 crowns, we can expect rather stagnation in the case of gasoline. So in the coming days, the average price will probably be slightly below the level of 37.40 crowns.

In addition to the development of average fuel prices in the Czech Republic, weekly average fuel prices in individual EU states are also available for comparison on In the case of gasoline here, resp. u nafty here.

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