The history of Leeds United "spygate" is turning a mountain into a mole

From a professional point of view, Leeds United's "spygate" story is transforming a mountain from a mole

  • In Liverpool, fans and others were able to follow training beyond the Melwood wall
  • We have always believed that what they learned from the sessions would have been marginal at best
  • I'm not agreeing to spy on another team, but it's not an excuse for a defeat

Danny Murphy For The Mail on Sunday

When I played for Liverpool, fans could stand on stairs and bins to look over the wall and see us train at Melwood.

We were fairly certain that the strange "supporter" would work for our next opponents, but, to be honest, he did not really bother us.

There was nothing we could do about it and we believed that what they could learn from our sessions was marginal at best.

At Liverpool's Melwood training camp, it's easy for fans to watch a session over the wall

The history of Leeds is fun but, from a professional's point of view, it is a mountain of a mole. Frank Lampard told himself that he could not blame Derby's defeat for seeing their formation.

The teams can see how their opponents play every week or by scouting or watching the video analysis.

The only area where you can get a heads-up is set-play, but even then you still need 11 players to be focused enough to execute the instructions. Spying on another team is not right and I'm not at all agree, but I would never use it as an excuse to lose.

Marcelo Bielsa has been criticized for his role in the "spygate" controversy around Leeds

The formation of Watford and Arsenal merges one another, so I do not know how you'll stop them by taking a peek before their games!

I think a bigger concern for managers is that players use friendships that talk to other line-up players. This is the way we used to find out what the other team was doing and get in line.

I think it was more influential than having someone hiding in the bushes and watching the exercises on the set.


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