The hockey players took Brno after two losses and defeated Liberec 3: 1

The hockey players of Kometa Brno defeated Liberec in the 13th round of the extra league 3: 1 and took two duel after no points. American gunner Peter Mueller took part in Comet’s second victory in the last six matches with a goal and two assists. The White Tigers claimed their eighth defeat in the past nine duels.

“We said before the match that this league is too hard to lose so many matches in a row and get points. We went into that we wanted nothing but victory. I think we played the best match in season, and we have to bounce back from that. If it goes on like this, we have nothing to fear, “said the Slovak forward of the Comet Michal Krištof, the author of the winning goal.

The careful introduction of the match did not bring much excitement in the Brno arena. The comet was more active, but did not develop goal opportunities. The Brno superiors could evaluate the territorial superiority in their first power play, but they did not succeed roughly. In the 6th minute, the White Tigers went into renumbering, Najman found a free cross in front of the free Klepiš goal and it was no longer a problem for the Exbrněn striker to transport the disc into the net.

The comet was scalded, it could not get out of the initial shock for a long time, until in the 14th minute it was liberated by a handsome combination of the duo Krištof – Mueller. The American striker got an exact passport with his ass and was not wrong from his position. Although the home team played three power plays in the first period, they could not get any of them.

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The second third was much more interesting. Already at the beginning, he was threatened by the excellently forcing Horký, who disarmed his opponent and the shot of the home hockey player traveled right next to him. In the 24th minute, the Brno fans experienced a turnaround in the score. After a nice cooperation of the first formation, the Slovak forward Krištof hung the puck under the falling Kváč with one touch.

Coach Kalous’ charges continued to be very active and dangerous. Dočekal could raise first and then Mikyska from the second wave, but the young back did not see the first goal in his extra-league career.

Liberec was the most dangerous in its only numerical advantage so far, but the wounds of Šmíd and Klepiš did not end with an alignment. Birner didn’t even run. Almost 6,000 spectators continued to watch balanced hockey, Kometa still had a slight advantage, but could not turn it into a goal. Kollár was close after Roth’s shot, but he himself failed in front of Kváča.

A few moments later, Horký, who ran alone to the Liberec gate, ended up similarly. But Kváča was at the puck a moment earlier. Two minutes before the end, the Liberec substitute took time for a meeting and recalled the goalkeeper. The white tigers forced the pressure, but with a goal in the void, he decided the dramatic match Mallet.

“If we score one goal, we won’t win many matches with even the best goalkeeper in the league. We are very unproductive for the quality of the attackers we have. We need to do something about it. “We gave the opponents two goals. The players’ heads then went down. We had 35 minutes to equalize, unfortunately we didn’t succeed,” said Liberec coach Patrik Augusta.

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Completion of the 13th round of the hockey extra league:

HC Kometa Brno – White Tigers Liberec 3: 1 (1: 1, 1: 0, 1: 0)

Goals and recordings: 14. Mueller (Krištof), 24. Krištof (Kollár, Mueller), 60. Mallet (Mueller, Gulaši) – 6. Klepiš (A. Najman). Judges: Lacina, Úlehla – Šimánek, Zíka. Exclusion: 2: 4. No use. In weakness: 0: 1. Attendance: 5844.


Brno: Tomek – Ďaloga, Holland, Kučeřík, Roth, Gulaši, Bartejs, D. Mikyska – Mueller, Krištof, Kollár – L. Horký, P. Holík, Zaťovič – Vincour, Rákos, R. Pavlík – Magee, Dočekal, Mallet. Coach: Kalous.

Liberec: Kváča – Vitásek, Šmíd, Melancon, Rosandič, M. Ivan, Derner – Ordoš, Filippi, Birner – Zachar, Gríger, Záborský – Faško-Rudáš, Klepiš, A. Najman – Rychlovský, P. Jelínek, J. Vlach – Valve. Coach: P. Augusta.


1. Mlada Boleslav 13 8 1 1 3 40:21 27
2. Hradec Králové 12 7 2 3 33:21 25
3. Trinec 11 6 2 2 1 39:25 24
4. Pardubice 12 7 1 1 3 39:31 24
5. Sparta Prague 11 5 3 1 2 43:34 22
6. Pilsen 12 6 1 2 3 42:34 22
7. Czech Budejovice 13 6 2 5 39:41 20
8. Olomouc 10 4 3 3 26:20 18
9. Brno 12 3 3 1 5 30:36 16
10. Liberec 13 4 3 6 26:38 15
11. Carlsbad 12 4 2 6 35:38 14
12. Litvínov 12 3 1 2 6 37:41 13
13. Vítkovice 8 3 1 4 16:21 11
14. Kladno 12 1 2 1 8 28:47 8
15. Zlín 13 1 3 9 23:48 5


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