The hoof saved the rider from cancer –


The horse helped detect cancer in a professional jockey from Ireland. Report the issue on it The Sun.

While working in Australia, 21-year-old Ryan O & # 39; Connor (Ryan O & # 39; Connor) kicked off a Karlake Miss racehorse. After the blow, he started suffering from back pain and decided to consult a doctor.

In the examination, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. "Then I was healthy and in good shape, but I never felt normal," recalls O Connor. "It turned out I have a tumor measuring nine centimeters."

If it had not been for the wound, the jockey could not notice the malignant neoplasm and start the disease. "This type of cancer is one of the most aggressive in terms of spreading speed, so it's even better if a horse has kicked me out," says the young man.

Or Connor was operated, the tumor was removed. After a course of radiotherapy, he was recognized as completely healthy, but now he will have to undergo regular examinations to make sure the cancer has not returned.

In October, it was reported that a UK resident discovered breast cancer at an early stage thanks to a cat that was addicted to jumping on his chest.

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