The horrible moment of health that Noelia Marzol is going through

Noelia Marzol is expecting her second child together with the footballer Ramiro Arias. One of the protagonists of Sex is just facing his last days of work in the play, and day by day he shares with your social media followers her life and part of her intimacy, among issues related to her first child, how she is going through her pregnancy, among other things.

However, on this occasion, the artist and influencer told through stories from her official Instagram account that she is afflicted by a health problem that is making her go through a hard time while she is still waiting for Donatello’s brother.

Noelia Marzol

Noelia Marzol with her family

“I’ll tell you… I ended up with a terrible pubalgia last night! For which the only thing I can now is to rest. I don’t know if I get to my farewell function, ”she expressed in the text followed by an emoji that reflects sadness, in a story in which she was seen lying on a sofa.

Then, the vedette shared a video where her first son could be seen with his grandfather eating sweets, and in the background the song from the classic children’s movie “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”. There, she left an encouraging message that read: “Luckily @ ramiroarias13 brought us to dad’s and grandpa” takes care of us “. He is going to have chocolate coming out of his eyes shortly.”

Recall that the couple has been married since February 2021, and that their first child, Donatello, is 1 year and 6 months old. Now, both are waiting for a girl, who will be the fourth member of the family. AriasMarzoland for now it seems to be the last in the plans.

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The dancer in the play “Sex”, directed by Oscar Muscari, suffers from pubalgia, which basically consists of a set of muscle injuries that affect the inguinal area and cause a lot of pain at the slightest movement, making it an injury that prevents him from exercising his profession.

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