The horror survival “Spider Train Charles” will be launched on Steam this year, revealing the open world exploration method | 4Gamers

The horror survival game “Choo-Choo Charles”, developed by overseas YouTuber and game developer Two Star, released the latest real machine promotion at Summer Game Fest 2022 (Summer Game Fest 2022) today (10) Movies, bringing more open-world exploration content.

The prototype of “Spider Train Charles” is a game developed by Two Star based on the concept of “Thomas the Little Train” fans. At first, he just made it for the purpose of playing tickets, but then he gradually became serious and expanded the game content. According to the latest film, in addition to fighting the spider train, there are many secret bases and treasure houses that can be explored, and players can also encounter specific NPCs and receive quests.

According to Two Star’s development video report last month, “Charles the Spider Train” has produced 40 missions, and even added a weather system, and he also hopes to make additional voice acting and new side stories, and also wants to add a way for players to enjoy the experience. Customizing your own trains and other extra features, you have to prepare for Debug for closed testingafter all, the spider train may get stuck at any time

In other words, “Spider Train Charles” is still some time away from the launch, but the latest promotional video is still marked as being released in 2022. Players who are interested in this work may wish to add it to the wish list.

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