News The hospital destroyed the test samples. People had...

The hospital destroyed the test samples. People had to take tests again

In total, it was a whole container, ie 20 samples. According to information from the hospital, they were not lost, but destruction due to technical defect.

One of those who had to take the tests again was Mr. Jan. He went for testing with his son, who had symptoms of infection.

“On Friday, September 11, my son and I were tested for Covid-19 at the hospital in České Budějovice. The test results were to be announced within 48 hours. After four days of phone calls, we finally managed to contact the hygiene lady, who informed us that most of the tests from Friday, September 11, had been lost. On the line 1221, they confirmed this fact to us, “he entrusted On Wednesday, Mr. Jan and his son underwent testing again.

The České Budějovice hospital, where the sampling point is located, admitted the destruction of the samples. “It really happened. It was a technical noise during the whole day. It should be added that in the past three weeks there has been a fivefold increase in the number of smears in the České Budějovice hospital, which is the only hospital in the region that provides smears to all freelancers. , without an ordering system and in the Monday to Friday mode. This is how no collection points in the South Bohemian Region work so far, “said Iva Nováková, spokeswoman for the České Budějovice Hospital, for

“We apologized to the patient and, of course, we immediately secured another smear. We are very sorry, but unfortunately, a similar human failure can occur with the regime that has separation at this time and of course we apologize for that. We are aware that this is a complication not only for the staff and the operation of the collection point, but especially for the patient, “added Nováková.

Samples from the September 11 samples traveled to four different locations. They were processed by the laboratories of the Hospital of České Budějovice, the Academy, the University of South Bohemia and private laboratories in Pilsen. According to a spokesman for the hospital, measures have already been taken to ensure that similar incidents do not happen again.

According to the epidemiologist of the Regional Hygiene Station of the South Bohemian Region Jitka Luňáčková in such cases, the responsibility is always on the side of the sampling point or laboratory. “Samples are sent to the laboratory by the sampling point, so hygiene, which only receives the results, is certainly not responsible. The one who collects and who processes is responsible for that,” Luňáčková said.



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