The hospital in Kommunarka found the bags for transportation of corpses. PHOTOS URA.RU

Medical records and blood infected with a coronavirus found in garbage bags outside the hospital in Kommunarka Photo: Vadim Akhmetov © URA.RU

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On Sunday, about a Moscow hospital in Kommunarka for coronavirus of patients found the garbage bags, which were medical records and documentation for deceased patients, the tags from the corpses and the infected blood. About it journalists were told by passersby who discovered the dump. Hospital chief of staff Denis Protsenko denied this information.

First, as noted, the bags were lying near the overpass, covered with stones and debris, but later some of them the wind blew close to residential homes and recreational areas where walking with children. Another part was carried to the river and a Small Pine near the hospital. Passers-by took the bags straight into the red zone, where they freely manage to get.

“We found the packet, I realized that laying there with him went straight to the nearest building, which turned out to be “dirty zone”. Immediately flustered, at first said that irrelevant garbage. Went quietly. There were no guards, no”, — quotes the edition Readovka the man who found the bags. Now the area is cordoned off by police, there are medics in protective suits who are trying to find the remaining debris. Journalists failed to get a comment from the hospital.

Augmented: The chief doctor of a Moscow hospital in Kommunarka Denis Protsenko denied this information. “Outside of our territory, a kilometer from the hospital discovered packages for the transport of dead bodies. Messages that were also found the medical records of patients who do not correspond to reality,” — he wrote on his page in Facebook. Now the police finds out, as the package was outside the hospital.


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