Health the hospitalization obligation canceled, the new guidelines

the hospitalization obligation canceled, the new guidelines

The announcement came with a ministerial circular. The new guidelines on pharmacological abortion have been published by the Ministry of Health: accepting the opinion of the Superior Health Council of 4 August, cancel the hospitalization obligation from taking the Ru486 pill to the end of the care program e stretch up to the ninth week of pregnancy (before it reached the seventh) the period in which the drug can be used. The new guidelines recommend “to carry out continuous and in-depth monitoring of the procedures for voluntary termination of pregnancy with the use of drugs, having regard, in particular, to the side effects resulting from the extension of the period in which the treatment in question is allowed ».

The Ru486 pill was approved by AIFA in 2009, but its use it was only allowed in hospital for three days (some regions, however, allowed day hospital). “Taking into account the recommendation made by the World Health Organization regarding the administration of mifepristone and misoprostol for women up to the ninth week of gestation, the most updated scientific evidence on the use of these drugs, as well as the use in most other European countries of the pharmacological method of interrupting pregnancy in day hospital and outpatient conditions “, reads the ministerial circular,” the undersigned Directorate General has prepared the “Guidelines address on voluntary termination of pregnancy with mifepristone and prostaglandins “”.

In particular, “The restriction relating to the use of the drug Mifegyne in hospitalization is canceled from the moment of taking the drug until the end of the care path; extended the use of the drug Mifegyne from the 49th to the 63rd day of amenorrhea, equal to 9 completed weeks of gestational age, in sequential association with a prostaglandin analogue, in line with what is contained in the European approved mifepristone technical data sheet “.

Ru486 is used in all states of the European Union, with the exception of Poland and Lithuania, as well as Ireland and Malta (countries where abortion is prohibited). In the rest of the world, tens of millions of women have voluntarily aborted with this method, that is considered safe and effective by the World Health Organization.


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