The hostage’s mother recorded in Gaza: "My daughter is a lioness. I ask the world to bring my baby back to me"

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“My daughter is a lioness,” he said. Keren Sherf Shemthe mother of the young Franco-Israeli Mia Shem kidnapped during the attack by the Islamist organization Hamas a Israel on October 7 and was the first of the more than 200 hostages held in Gaza who has appeared in a video released by the militia, in which she asks to be released as soon as possible.

“She looks terrified and in a lot of pain. I can see that she is saying what she has been told to say, and I can see that she is stable, and that need medical attention“The mother said, commenting on the video in which the young woman is seen lying down, while a health worker bandages her obviously injured right arm.

“Until yesterday I didn’t know if she was alive or dead. I ask the world to bring my baby back to me. She just went to a party,” said Keren Shem, referring to her 21-year-old daughter, who lives in Shohamin the center of Israel, and that that Saturday he was at the electronic music party in the south of the country, which had been attended by thousands of young people and who were surprised by the incursion of Hamas.

Hundreds were massacred by gunfire or hand grenades in the early hours of dawn, while others were taken to Gaza as hostages.

Asked why her daughter was captured alive among so many dead, the mother speculated that perhaps she was one of the first to be apprehended, because at 7:17 in the morning (4:17 GMT) she had already sent a message informing her family of that they were shooting at them and asking for help.

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