The House approves a new Charter of Rights for people with HIV

The House of Representatives yesterday approved the project that aims to establish a new Charter of Rights for people living with HIV in one of its phases in Puerto Rico.

The measure, signed by Senator Ángel Martínez, requires the repeal of Law 349 of 2000, known as the Charter of the rights of people who bring HIV / AIDS to Puerto Rico.

Among the objectives of the bill is to temper the needs of these individuals, in order to ensure a decent and free treatment of discrimination, as well as the quality of services and medical care in any of its phases.

For its part, the ASES (Health Services Administration) has indicated that insured persons with HIV-AIDS status will have access to comprehensive coverage that includes physical, mental and pharmaceutical health services, among others.

In addition, they will provide special coverage to continue providing access to antiretroviral drugs to manage the condition and simplify treatments without referral., including the Centers of Disease Prevention and Treatment of Diseases of the Department of Health and other specialized centers for the management of patients with HIV.

Finally, the piece will provide protection to all people living with HIV in one of its phases that are denied medical services and are beneficiaries of the Puerto Rico government health plan.


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