“The house of miracles”. House surrounded by the lava of the volcanic eruption, was spared

A house belonging to a Danish couple was miraculously spared by the volcanic eruption on the island of La Palma which destroyed dozens of homes. The photo went viral

There is already talk of a miracle for what happened on the island of La Palma, in the Canaries, hit by the consequences of the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano which ‘discharged’ enormous quantities of lava on the surrounding areas, destroying hundreds of houses, tens of kilometers of roads and at least 190 hectares of land. The houses, in particular, are literally incinerated within a few minutes, disappearing behind the lava flow that continues incessantly, fueled by the continuous volcanic eruptions that have been lasting for several days now. But two spouses, who built the house on the island piece by piece, could not believe their eyes when, looking at an image of the destruction caused by the lava, they realized that the only house remained completely intact because it was not affected by the flow. hot was theirs.

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The photo was taken by Alfonso Escalero, a photographer who reached the island together with the production company I Love The World in order to make a documentary that did not foresee the volcanic catastrophe that later occurred. When the eruption started he decided to document everything and among the numerous shots he took, one went viral: that of Ada’s house spared by the lava that literally surrounded it without touching it.

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The reaction of the owners when they were informed

Ada Monnikendam is a Dutch pensioner who has lived on the island for decades and was the first to recognize that house and to get in touch with the owners, two elderly Danes who, due to the Covid pandemic, had not visited La Palma for over a year. “We all started crying like crazy when I told them their beloved home was intact,” Ada said when she told the owners what had happened. “They told me:“ even if we can’t go there now, we are relieved that he is still standing. We will enjoy it soon or we will leave it to our 3 children ”. In the meantime, the history of that building has gone around the world and has been renamed “the house of miracles”. As reported by El Mundo, Ada added, “The owners thank you very much for the photo”. The photographer, on the other hand, added “This is a job for war photographers, we are not prepared for such a great tragedy”.

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