The house rules Mikaela and Eliza reveal: & # 39; Dad is not in our life & # 39;


house rules the surfing sisters Eliza and Mikaela talked about their close relationship with their mother, but unfortunately the girls reveal that their father is not in their lives.


"Dad is not in our lives at the moment," says Mikaela New idea.

But after his mother divorced, the idea of ​​appearing on the show came to mind as a fun distraction.

"Mum had divorced and she bought our family home, and Eliza and I were home one day and I think we were, we could have attended last season's House Rules and Eliza was standing by the fireplace and told my mother in a passing comment almost, it was like "Oh, how nice it would be if Mikaela and I got into House Rules and we managed to get this house renovated and clean the blackboard and give it a brand new face?" .

"Mom was like," Oh, that would be great but … "I don't think she really thought it would ever happen, we just thought we'd ask and see how we went!"

Fortunately for the girls their audition was successful and their mom is always in the forefront of their minds during the show.

"Mom gave us so much financially, emotionally, all this kind of thing: Mom has literally worked to her end to help us get to the events, it's crazy, she really helped us a lot. I could do it, I'm 24, I will be 25 this year, and I've never been able to really repay Mom for any of the things she's been able to do for me financially and emotionally. and the same with Eliza, "he says.

"I feel like the time has come, and we've had the opportunity to repay the favor. It's not really a sacrifice when we think of it that way. We've got enough back from it just to be able to help Mom."


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