The "HP" series wants to dramatize the "madness"


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This relationship with psychiatric language says a lot about our collective attraction / repulsion for the world of mental illness. This is where Angela Soupe and Sarah Santamaria-Martens wanted to work while writing HP their series of studies of the Fémis, released December 6 on OCS and won the prize for the best 26-minute series format with the La Rochelle Festival. We follow Sheila's first steps – interpreted by Tiphaine Daviot – a young hospital psychiatry intern, and we discover with her these patients and these health workers funny, poetic, captivating, never distressing.

"We are interested in showing that there is not a crazy side and other normal people.This psychiatric illness, with its words so abused, is a phase of life in which we can all go.We know everyone who went there, and if we can help to dramatize things, the better, " describes Angela Soup. Tiphaine Daviot herself tells her schizophrenic grandmother, as in the series, convinced that her former lover lived under his bed, and that it was necessary to wait for him to sit down at the table or go for a walk. "From this shot, I really thought about the meaning of words, and I'm careful to use them better" explains the main actress.

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At the origin of the project, is this inmate friend who supported younger, the internal sister-in-law who, on the same day, had to manage a patient who considered himself Beyoncé and take someone who was hanged Explain that psychiatrists experience very hard emotions, which are members of an unloved medicine specialty, in which healing statistics are impossible to do. They interviewed dozens of interns for the series and each time they found a flaw: "We do not become a psychiatrist by chance, we do not throw ourselves headlong into this specialty if we do not care to treat, through its patients, someone who can not save." All these interns always had a founding person, a sick relative who had touched them from child. " The two writers are already working on the second season.


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