The Huawei Mate 40 wins a performance test to the Xiaomi Mi 11


The so-called benchmarks are the stress tests performed on various hardware components to measure their performance. In this way, we can know the exact differences between one smartphone and another, when both boast of being the most powerful on the market. The new Mi 11 is the most advanced devices in the history of Xiaomi, but Huawei has just shown that the Mate 40 are above in a key aspect for many.

It was in October when Huawei unveiled the new Mate 40 and Mate 40 Pro and Mate 40 Pro + with the Kirin 9000 and 9000E processor. They are manufactured in a 5 nanometer process and have an Octa-core architecture that includes 1 x Cortex-A77 at 3.13 GHz, 3 x Cortex-A77 at 2.54 GHz, 4 x Cortex-A55 at 2.05 GHz. In addition, it integrates the new Mali G78 GPU. The Xiaomi Mi 11, integrates the almighty Snapdragon 888, which in this case, is accompanied by a GPU Adreno 660.

The Mate 40 surpass the Xiaomi Mi 11

Now, a performance test created with the 3D Mark OpelGL ES 3.1 program, has revealed the power of the GPU of both devices, that is, its performance when both terminals work to the maximum of their possibilities in games or execution of heavy graphics. In this test, the Mate 40 and Mate 40 Pro have surpassed the new Xiaomi Mi 11 with a final score of 8771 and 9,065 points respectively, compared to the 8546 points of the Xiaomi terminal.

What is the reason?

This result shows that Huawei’s work with the GPU of the Mate 40 comes to rival and look at the most powerful Qualcomm from face to face. Let us remember that the new Kirin integrates the latest technology presented by ARM last May year, the Mali G78 24-core, which is 50% more powerful than the G76 worn by the Kirin 990s.

For its part, the chip Adreno 660 increased its performance by 35% According to Qualcomm’s own data, which means that the differences have not only been reduced, but Huawei has been able to exceed the performance of one of its maximum rivals. Therefore, and although it does not show off little lights or bizarre designs, the series Mate 40 has been geared more than ever to gaming, a safe bet since the technical demands of the most popular titles on the market are increasing.

However, we must take into account the optimization work that Xiaomi must still carry out on the Mi 11. Let us remember that the device it moves with EMUI 12.5, as an intermediate step to make the leap to MIUI 13, where quite possibly, the general performance of the system is increased.

Written by David Girao

29 december 2020

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