The Huesca Court confirms the sentence to pay half a million euros to the parents of four minors who burned down a chalet

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The Provincial Court of Huesca has ratified a sentence that sentenced to pay half a million euros to the parents of four minors who in 2022 burned down a chalet in the Huesca town of Castle of Jaca, in the Aragonese Pyrenees. He forces them to pay jointly and severally for the reconstruction of the building, which was reduced to rubble, the cost of which was set at 555,563 euros.

However, the ruling sentenced the parents to a somewhat lower figure by deducting the 128,795 euros with which the insurance company already compensated the owner of the home, a notary from Zaragoza.

The families presented an appeal against the ruling of a Huesca Court so as not to have to face the aforementioned amounts as direct civil liability. Now, the Court has rejected the appeal and has fully ratified the sentence, which is final and cannot be appealed against.

The four minors who caused the fire, who were then between 14 and 17 years old, were convicted of a crime of breaking and entering and another of damages due to serious recklessness. Two of them were given twelve months of supervised release; to another six months of socio-educational tasks; and in the fourth twelve months of attendance at a supervised day center.

The events occurred on the night of April 17, 2022 when a group of minors entered a chalet located in the Huesca town of Castiello de Jaca. With the intention of celebrating a party, they took advantage of the fact that the owner, a notary from Zaragoza, was not in the house that Easter, which he had acquired in 2019 and used as a second residence.

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