News The human remains found near Fort Hood are the...

The human remains found near Fort Hood are the soldier’s latino Gregory Morales, confirmed authorities | Univision network News Crime

The human remains found at Killeen, Texas, correspond to the soldier hispanic Gregory Wedel Morales who had disappeared in August of 2019, said on Sunday the unit of criminal investigations of the u.s. Army.

On the eve, his mother, Kim Wedel, had informed local media that the remains found during a search with dogs in the woods of this town in texas where is located the base of Fort Hood –to which he belonged Wedel Moral– were his son’s. But, until the morning of this Sunday, there was no official confirmation on the part of the authorities.

“The remains of the skeleton of a soldier gone found Friday in Killeen, Texas, have been identified positively as those of Gregory Morales”, said the research unit in a statement sent to Univision News. This after using their records dental.

“The remains of Morales, were found in a field near the block 3,200 street Florence in the morning of this Friday, after special agents from the command of the Army criminal investigation received information on the location of the body,” he said. “At this point in the investigation it is suspected that there was a criminal hand,” he added.

Thanks to the denture

The statement indicates that the remains were identified through the use of “dental records with the help of the Body Dental of the Army of the united states.”
The authorities will conduct an autopsy to reveal the cause of his death.

The soldier was 23 years old when he disappeared in Killeen. The last time I saw him was on the night of August 19, 2019, while he was driving a black car of brand KIA, which had just bought.

Research to know the reasons of his death is still open. The statement indicates that it is believed that he would die in circumstances possibly violent.

For this reason, it is still standing reward of $25,000 to those who give credible information about the circumstances surrounding the death of Morales, said that unit of inquiry. It is still yet to clarify the cause and manner of their death in an autopsy.

His case returned to relevance after the disappearance of Vanessa Guillena soldier of 20 years that was last seen on the 22nd of April within the Fort Hood military base, Texas. Have gone 59 days without your family know your whereabouts.

“At this point, the researchers do not have credible information that this case is connected in any way with the search for Vanessa Guillen, who disappeared in April at Fort Hood. This research is being investigated in a comprehensive way”said unit of the criminal investigations in its press release.

Guillen was last seen in the parking lot of the headquarters of the Squadron of Engineers Regional at Fort Hood. Their belongings –the room keys, your wallet, and your id– were found later in the area where he worked.

What is known of the soldier Vanessa Guillen to 60-day of its disappearance on Fort Hood


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