The humanitarian gesture of the United States when it offers asylum to a Honduran girl with stroke – La Prensa de Honduras


United States

A small Honduran girl with race who along with his father are part of the caravan of migrants, has managed in recent hours to get asylum by the American authorities.

His father and single Honduran, Juan Alberto Matteu (27) and his daughter Lesly (7) joined the caravan of migrants in the hope of receiving asylum to seek medical assistance for their daughter in the United States.

"I am happy because, first of all, we will treat my daughter with medicines," Honduras told the Univisión news network, just before immigrating to the Tijuana-San Diego border.

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Two American organizations They accompanied Matteu as he prepared to surrender to the migrations. They have managed to allow Honduras to enter the United States soon because it is a special case. "He had the number 1,700 and something, yesterday I came and I talked to many people here to say that it was a special case, that was to happen, that could not be safe, especially when it rains," said Paola Mendoza of Families Delong Together Organization.

Matteu traveled from Honduras carrying his sick daughter in his arms like a child, trusting that one day he will see her walking again as before.

Now it remains only for Matteu to reach United States where it will not be alone, because two organizations and a lawyer will take their case as soon as immigration issues them.



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