The Hyundai and Kia cars will open and start with the mobile phone economy


Hyundai has announced that it will develop a digital key, which will allow users not only to open the doors of their vehicle but also to lock, alarm or start the engine through the mobile phone. When replacing a traditional physical key, the new digital key can be downloaded via an application and used by up to four authorized persons. This digital solution would be ready this year for some Hyundai models like Sonata and Kia in some markets.

Thanks to Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, the presence of a mobile phone enabled with the authorized digital key is detected near the vehicle door. The NFC antenna for entry identification is located on the driver's and front passenger's door handles, while the one that starts the engine is placed on a wireless charging platform, said the brand in a note.

After unlocking the vehicle, the user can start the engine by placing the smartphone on the wireless charging platform in the center console and pressing the engine start / stop button on the instrument panel.

The configuration of the user's preferred vehicle is stored in the vehicle. When the key is recognized, these settings are automatically adjusted, including the position of the mirrors, seats and steering wheel, as well as controls for the audio, video and navigation systems (AVN) and the upper display screen.

The Hyundai digital key can be used to remotely control selected vehicle systems via the smartphone. Through low-energy Bluetooth communication (BLE), users can lock and unlock the vehicle, activate the alarm and start the engine. Moreover, once vehicles with autonomous parking characteristics are marketed, it is expected that these features will be controlled remotely.

Adaptable to each user

The digital key will replace the physical key.
The digital key will replace the physical key.

The level of access to the various vehicle functions can be adapted to each user for a defined period. The owner of the vehicle can preset the duration of use of the vehicle or limit the use to certain functions during the rental of the vehicle. For example, it can also be used to allow a messenger to open the trunk to deliver a package.

Once car sharing is widespread, the digital key will be programmed to be compatible with car rental without problems, where the owner and the driver will not have to meet, but will be able to transfer the digital key through the car. cell phone application.

In addition to facilitating the inclusion of a Hyundai vehicle in a car sharing program, in the future, the digital key will be further improved to allow the activation of functions such as an alarm when the vehicle exceeds a defined speed.

Hyundai Motor Group intends to gradually implement the technology in its new production cars, starting with the next generation of Sonata, which will debut in the United States in the New York Hall. "The digital key will benefit a wide range of future Hyundai customers, as well as enabling innovative vehicle sharing schemes," said Ho Yoo, leader of the Electronic Development Group at Hyundai Motor Group.



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