Entertainment "The ideal film to open the post-Covid"

“The ideal film to open the post-Covid”


“Love Me Tender”, of the Swiss Klaudia Reynicke, following a antihéroïne who has the phobia out of her house. It speaks to you?

After the death of his mother and the flight of his father, in the midst of conflict inside, Secunda (powerfully embodied by the Italian Barbara Giordano) finds herself left to her own, in a house which she can’t escape… until she is forced. Presented at Locarno and first announced in the room to march, “Love Me Tender” appears to have been created stack for the current period.

Its scope will it be another if it was released before the coronavirus? “Completely, replied the filmmaker Klaudia Reynicke. Some people can feel a real anxiety to be out after having been confined. The story of my character is really an echo of this.” The Waldensian was prepared for what his feature does not happen in the classroom, as the list of films waiting is long. “But it is true that it is the ideal film to open the post-Covid. This may be the best time for us. Or worse, we’ll see!”

The director of the vaud region Klaudia Reynicke has directed his actress with passion

The director of the vaud region Klaudia Reynicke has directed his actress with passion

– DR.

I am fascinated by marginal characters

Klaudia Reynicke, director

Advocacy for freedom, non-conformism and the madness as an engine of rebellion, “Love Me Tender” is a gem of originality in the humor pest. Second, the dancer feisty lives in a world apart. In his suit blue, it is breaking standards with panache, while remaining authentic and brilliantly imperfect (ram armpits hairy and the tomato sauce dripping from chin!). “I am fascinated by marginal characters,” says Klaudia Reynicke, and I wanted to tell this conflict in my own way: pop.” The message is powerful, the form awesome.

Of Klaudia Reynicke. With Barbara Giordano. Output Wednesday, June 10, 2020. ****


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