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Al Ewing had a wonderful idea for the Hulk.

Turn the character's exploits into a horror comic.

He traced the many times Bruce Banner died over the years in comics, but Hulk kept coming back.

The return from the dead is not out of the ordinary in the comics. Everyone from Green Arrow to Superman to Wolverine, they did.

But the idea here is that Hulk will not let Bruce Banner die. Bruce Banner can be shot in the head and put in a morgue but Hulk's gamma-radiated anger pulls them out of the plate and back into the world of the living.

Living and vengeful.

This is how the writer Ewing and the artist Joe Bennett open "The Immortal Hulk" n. 1.

The world still thinks that Banner died, killed by Hawkeye as part of an experiment.

Hulk is smarter here. There are Hulk sightings but he mostly works under the radar. The people who see it are mostly the ones they are looking for. People on the heavy end of his justice.

Hulk has long maintained that it is the strongest there is. But here he stares deeply into the eyes of the wicked and says: "I smell a liar."

The collection of the first five issues of "The Immortal Hulk", along with a "Avengers" story that establishes the "immortal" plot contains a note from Ewing.

He writes that he based the concept on cover blurb of the first issue of "The Incredible Hulk" by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

"The strangest man of all time !!!"

"He He Man or Monster or Is Both Both?"

In Ewing's capable hands, Hulk is both.

The Hulk as a creature of horror? Ask any child who has ever had a nightmare of being chased by the Hulk, it's a scary creature.

"The Immortal Hulk" is definitely a horror comic.



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