The Importance of Doing Early Heart Screening, Preventing Heart Disease in Teenagers

This is the importance of doing heart screening early on. – Having heart health problems can be reduced by early heart screening.

Consider the following explanation regarding the importance of early heart screening in preventing the risk of heart disease. Apart from that, apply the following various ways to prevent heart disease which can be started as a teenager.

Healthy Heart Function

A healthy heart will bring a healthy quality of life. This condition can be seen from the functioning of the heart which is still running well.

The four main functions of the heart still need to be maintained for a healthy body as a whole, namely:

– Pumps oxygenated blood to other parts of the body

– Pumping hormones and other vital substances to various parts of the body

– Receives deoxygenated blood and carries metabolic waste products from the body and pumps them to the lungs for oxygenation

– Maintain blood pressure

The Importance of Conducting Early Heart Screening

Heart health screening allows doctors to detect early signs of cardiovascular disease, so that it can be treated, avoiding the risk of heart disease, while controlling the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Blockage of blood flow is one of the most common causes of heart disease and this condition can be recognized early by screening. This is the importance of doing heart screening early on.

With the stages of treatment from the start, it can maintain the main function of a healthy heart, so that it becomes the beginning of a quality life. Screening is mandatory for people at high risk of heart disease.

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How to Do a Heart Screening

To find out if someone has a risk of heart disease or not, several methods are needed, including blood tests and other additional screening. Here are some ways that can be used for heart screening, namely:

– Blood test (measures cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels. These are used for initial screening)

– Echocardiography (allows the cardiologist to see the movement of the heart on ultrasound)

– Electrocardiography (monitoring the electrical activity of the heart to learn its rhythm and rate)

– Cardiac stress test (using exercise to measure blood flow during stress. This can be done by walking on a treadmill or riding a stationary bicycle through varying levels of intensity)

Prevent Heart Disease From Adolescence

For general people and people with high heart risk, they can take preventive steps from the start, starting from their teens. Here are some ways to prevent heart disease:

– Consumption of healthy foods for the heart

– Exercise regularly

– Manage stress, blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol

– Maintain a healthy weight

– Do not smoke and limit alcohol

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