The importance of favorite contacts on our iPhone

The app Phone of our iPhone allows us to define our favorite contacts. At first glance it seems that it is to be able to access them more quickly, and yet the fact that a contact is in favorites has more implications.

How to manage our favorite contacts


First of all let’s see how to add people to the favorites list, reorder the list and edit it. The steps are very simple. First we access the list Bookmarks:

  1. We open the app Phone on our iPhone.
  2. We enter the tab Bookmarks.

For add a favorite The steps are the following:

  1. We touch the “+” button in the upper left.
  2. We search or select the contact that interests us from the list.
  3. We choose if, by touching it in Bookmarks, we want to send you a message, call you or send you an email.
  4. Next we choose to which phone number we want to send the message or call, or which email we want to write.

For rearrange edit the favorites list the steps are also very simple. First we touch Edit in the upper right. Next we touch the red button and again Remove to remove an item from the list or use the three-hatched icons (≡) to drag it and reorder the list.

And this, does it help?


Yes. First to quickly and comfortably contact the people with whom we speak the most regularly. When we need to make a call (or write a message or an email) we simply open the app Phone, we enter the tab Bookmarks and we touch the person we want to talk to. Alternatively we can press and hold on the app icon Phone and we will see the first four names on the list appear, for even faster access.

There is also a detail of great importance. When we activate the mode Do not botherBy default, contacts that are in Bookmarks they will skip that mode and we will also receive your call. Something very useful if we want to make sure that we never miss a call from our partner, mother, son, etc.

Similarly, when we activate the mode do not disturb when driving and we receive a message from a favorite our iPhone automatically will answer that we are driving and we will see your message soon.

These are two small details that show us that the favorites list goes something beyond a simple speed dial because, in fact, for this, we can always go to Siri.

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