The Importance of the examination for the detection or prevention “, report elaborated by a high school

We receive and share this educational work that seeks to raise awareness about breast cancer, a report sent to us by the high school student Ezequiel Espinosa, from 3 ° 5, from the Liceo Nº2 de Santa Lucia (Canelones), to whom we thank the contribution that, for Above all, it aims to continue raising awareness on the indicated topic.


Breast examination or self-examination is one of the main tools for the early detection of cancer since 20% of tumors are detected thanks to this practice because warning signs can be identified and this is essential to detect cancer in its phase initial.

The idea is that both women and men -because to a lesser extent they are affected by having breast tissue- can examine, palpate, and observe their breasts since it is the only way to know their appearance and easily detect any possible anomaly, change.

It is recommended that this practice be done from the age of 20. When you have a menstrual cycle, the breasts should be examined after the fifth day of the beginning of the period and before the seventh. If the woman is in menopause, the examination is more important because the risk of developing a tumor increases with age, which is why a monthly self-examination should be done.

It is important to note that not all the changes that can be observed will indicate that there is a tumor, but it is advisable to go to the gynecologist to find out.

Some signs that something is wrong are for example painless lumps, discharge from the nipple, retraction of the nipple, dimples in the skin of the breast, skin changes, increase in size or change in shape.

In Uruguay, breast cancer is the most frequent in women, about 1800 are diagnosed per year, 600 of them die. Although the trend is downward, everything depends on early detection that begins with breast self-examination or.

Ezequiel Espinosa-3 ° 5- Liceo Nº2 de Santa Lucia.

CI: 57421099

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