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The incidence of this disease protect from MERS-CoV for 17 years – statement health – articles and studies

Found a new scientific study that some forms of common colds and may help in providing protection against the “SGRF-19”, can be used against corona virus for up to 17 years, according to a study conducted by the experts of the taught area.

Researchers said the patients, who have colds because of the viruses in relation to the “SGRF-19”, called “MERS-CoV beta”, you may have their homes or suffer from a milder form of the disease.

Called the “virus Corona beta”, especially virus OC43 وHKU1, the common colds, but also severe infections in the chest and in patients older and younger.

These viruses in many of the features of the gene with coronary viruses “SGRF-19” SARS syndrome Middle East Respiratory, which produces all of the animals to humans.

It is believed that coronaviruses cause up to 30% of all colds, but I don’t know specifically of women caused by types of virus, Corona beta.

The researchers found now evidence that some product may be present for many years because of the cells, stimulating the “memory” of the body of the virus attacks the former with a genetic composition similar, even among those who were not exposed to the”SGRF-19″ or SARS.

And T-cells are a type of white blood cells and part of the second line of Defense immune system against any virus attack, which begin to appear about a week after the injury.

It is believed since a long time they provide permanent protection Virus and as such they are called the cells of “memory”.

In the latest study, led by climate scientist, Professor Antonio Bertolini and his colleagues from the Faculty of Medicine of the Duke-NUS in Singapore, offering some of the results “remarkable” about the potential role of T-cells in the fight against the “SGRF-19”.

Must demonstrate the protective effect of these cells against the “SGRF-19” in further experiments, but the experts say that patients who have recovered from the virus deadly lung, SARS, in 2003, demonstrated immune responses to proteins of the major found in the “SGRF-19”.

The researchers said: “These findings show that T-cells, and memory-related virus caused by a viral infection of beta corona, the long-term, what supports the idea that patients SGRF-19 control are long-lasting immunity T-cells”.

And continued: “If our findings also raise the possibility intriguing that the virus infection-related can also be to carry or to modify the disease caused by Sars-CoV2, and breed corona virus which causes the disease of these-19”.

The study was conducted on blood samples taken from 24 patients come from the “SGRF-19”, and 23 who were infected with SARS and 18 have never been subjected to any of the SARS or the “SGRF-19”.

Most surprising, according to the researchers, is that half of the participants who were not subjected to any of the SARS or the “SGRF-19”, have cells, stimulating showed an immune response to viruses Corona beta animal.

This means that suitable patients have been developed after exposure, common colds caused by a virus of the corona between or perhaps than the causes of other diseases are not yet known, according to “Russia Today”.

These findings come after experts from the Institute of La Jolla for a home in California last month, similar results, saying that the who contracted the common cold by Have cells can attack the “SGRF-19”.

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