The incident in the Jeżowe commune. Sikorski on Niedzielski: it was an act of courage

The incident in the Jeżowe commune. Anti-vaccinators interfered with the conference of the minister of health

On Monday a group of about 20 anti-vaccines gathered in front of the Jeżowe Commune Office shouted and wanted to drown out the conference of the Minister of Health. Grzegorz Braun, an MP from the Confederation, appeared among those reluctant to vaccinations, who published on social media photos from before the place where Niedzielski was supposed to have the conference.

The head of the health ministry had previously held talks with the head of the commune, representatives of the commune council and the head of the local health center about the reasons for the low rate of people vaccinated in the commune.

Jeżowe is in fourth place from the last among communes in terms of vaccination. Data from the Ministry of Health say that it is fully vaccinated there are 1.8 thousand. residents. The vaccination rate is 17.8%.

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