The increase in consumption of Ozempic reduces the sales of large supermarkets

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Ozempic It’s fashionable. In USA The use of this drug to control diabetes to lose weight has skyrocketed and is now consumed by almost 15% of the population. A study carried out by the supermarket chain Walmart shows that the increase in Ozempic consumers directly affects its sales.

“We see a slight change compared to the total population, a slight decline in the general shopping basket,” he explains in Bloomberg John Furnerpresident and CEO of Walmart operations in the US.

And it is the supermarket giant, with more than 10,500 establishments in 20 countries. has pharmacies in its stores, so it can cross-reference consumer data Wegs, the name under which Ozempic is marketed as a weight loss medication, with its shopping baskets. The data they pull confirms that Wegovy users buy “fewer units” and “slightly fewer calories.”

Other major affected companies are sugary soft drinks and snacks companies, which are seeing their sales fall. This has implied a substantial drop in the price in If so of this type of products.

Curiously, those that have experienced a large increase in sales are the pharmacies that are located inside commercial establishments, a custom in the US that is not legal in Spain. Also sales of consumer products and health and wellness They have had higher incomes.

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