the incredible evening of Francisco Conceiçao, Sergio’s son

In a footballing career, there are often certain matches that mark the spirits more than others. Instead, ask Fransisco Conceicao, the son of the hot Sergio, what he thinks. Facing Estoril on Saturday night, the young Porto player experienced a real fairy tale. Of the caliber of those he will remember for a long time to come. Explanations.

For Porto, this match against Estoril should only be a formality. And yet … Great favorites, undefeated and leading the championship, the men of Sergio Conceiçao lived a nightmarish 1st half against the current championship. Blame it on the big air holes in defense which allowed the locals to plant two goals in quick succession to calmly sail towards a surprise victory against the big names of Porto.

Only here, like his trainer, this Porto has pride and does not want to be defeated. And when we have the duo Taremi-diaz in its ranks, any project of comeback is directly easier to achieve. It is first the Iranian striker who allows to reduce the mark before the hour mark. Then, while we think that the defeat of the leader is recorded, it is Diaz, top scorer in the championship, who equalizes. 2-2 after 85 minutes …

The moment chosen by Sergio Conceiçao to get his son, Fransisco, 19 years old and used to late game ups, to play. A winning coaching from the former Standard coach. 89th minute, the indestructible Diaz launches again in his gris-gris on his left flank. He puts his opponent in the wind before distilling a surgical balloon towards the small rectangle. In a flash, Conceicao shoots Thiago, the goalkeeper of Estoril and plants the goal of 2-3!

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A goal, followed by incredible scenes of jubilation from the entire Porto team. Caught up by his teammates, Fransisco, unstoppable, tries to make his way towards his coach, his father. There follows a fusion of hug between father and son, concluded by a series of “slaps” from a visibly unleashed coach. We will never change this Sergio …

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