The incredible rude reaction of Daniella Navarro to Osvaldo Ríos at the gala of the house of celebrities 2

At the Sunday gala the house of celebrities, Prior to the grand finale this Monday, things were tense, with the inclusion of the Venezuelan, Daniella Navarro, who, in addition to engaging in bickering with the Sinaloan actress, Yolanda Andradebehaved rudely with another of his former teammates, the Argentine Osvaldo Riosas he talked about a particular experience in his life.

The gala hosted by Hector Sandarti aims to listen to the comments of a group of critics, among which stand out Roberto Palazuelos, Yordi Rosadothe winner of the first edition of Telemundo’s reality show, Alicia MachadoOmar Chaparro and the controversial Yolanda Andrade, all of them accompanied by those expelled from the house that week after week have been increasing, and the last of them was precisely Daniella Navarro.

The faces of Navarro to Ríos

Prior to the dispute that they staged Andrade and Navarroit was the turn of Osvaldo Riosanother of this season’s eliminations, who was talking about the metamorphosis he had throughout his life, from when he was a child, through his youth and to becoming the man he is today.

While Ríos spoke, Daniella Navarro did not stop making faces, and she seemed uncomfortable, and it seemed that inside she was holding back from bursting out laughing, which was very evident on camera.

These actions were seen by the members of the panel, including Omar Chaparro and Yolanda Andradewho immediately showed their support for Ríos with applause and good vibes, the same case with several of his housemates, such as Natalia Alcocer or “El Potro””, but the one who flatly did not give her arm to twist and looked quite uncomfortable, was the Venezuelan.

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Ríos’s intervention culminated there, but Navarro’s attitudes did not, on the contrary, after that rude attitude with Ríos, the fight with Yolanda Andrade came, from which it did not come out very well, because the Venezuelan has spent verbally assaulting the favorite to win this season of the house of celebrities 2the Mexican actress and dancer, Yvonne Montero, who is shaping up to take the 200 thousand dollars this Monday from the Grand Final.


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