The independentistas pressure the judge of the Court of Accounts to accept the amnesty now: "It’s a lost battle"

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In the first jurisdictional act after the investiture agreements, the independence supporters face a State agency that tries to recover public money diverted for illegal purposes.

The lawyers of the independence leaders accused of embezzling up to five million euros in the Court of Auditors are putting pressure on the counselor in charge of the case, Elena Hernandezso that he throws in the towel and accepts the amnesty.

“It is a lost battle,” said the former advisor to the presidency of the Generalitat, Francis Homs, after the hearing this Friday at the headquarters of the Court of Auditors. «It’s nonsense. It has no basis,” declared, for his part, the lawyer of Carles Puigdemont, Gonzalo Boye. He even said that the independentistas have had to spend a lot of money in this process of the Court of Accounts and, without going so far as to say that it is part of the so-called lawfarewarned that “one day we will have to look at it.”

Junts and the PSOE have agreed that there may be “responsibility actions” if the judicial apparatus acts for intimidating purposes against separatism, which is what the alleged lawfare.

Both Homs, Boye and other lawyers for the 35 independence supporters accused of embezzling money in the illegal referendum of October 1, 2017 and the international promotion of the processthis Friday they asked Hernáez to spare them from continuing with the trial “by procedural economy”.

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